Lucas Foletto Celinski


Born 1986 in Curitiba, Brazil
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany
Education / Academy of Fine Arts, Munich


My artistic work aims to create an environment of discomfort in relation to heteronormative and patriarchal structures. The most recent controversy around the exhibition Space is the Place have shown me that a critical artistic practice has to go hand in hand with a critical political practice.

Unfortunately, I have missed to be more aware about how whiteness reproduces itself. I acknowledge the blind spots and lack of important representations of QTBPoC and women in the art scene. I do care for bodies other than mine. The controversy is an important learning process for me and I hope we will become more aware about how racism and sexism continue to shape society and our own minds.


Lucas Foletto Celinski
Erkstr. 4
12043 Berlin

Standing Pine Gallery